Our Story:

We make banana flour. And we can turn it into cake, sourdough, pizza, waffles... sustainable income, a cleaner planet, & wealth redistribution.

Madé’s (Mah-day’s) Banana Flour Co began as a friendship between two guys with a dream to do something meaningful with their lives and to make the world a better place.

They walked the beach picking up shells for months talking about what to do. After chatting under a banana tree one day they decided to see if anyone was making banana flour.

They experimented with drying and grinding green bananas in their backyard. Six months later they had perfected the banana flour.

They pitched the flour to businesses and chefs around the world. Word came back that people would love to use it IF they were given some recipes.

So our banana heroes opened the world’s first banana flour bakery, for R&D, in Canggu, Bali, in August of 2016, to learn to make all the things with banana flour: thick sourdough with big pockets to catch the spread of butter and marmalade, flakey croissants, rich but fluffy cakes, savory pizza dough with the perfect golden crust.


Madé’s Banana Flour Bakery has amassed an international fan base and won awards from Travelocity the last four years in a row, the last three being Travelers’ Choice Awards, putting Madé’s Banana Flour Bakery in the top 10% in the world, calculated based on the quality and quantity of the reviews, opinions and ratings.

With over 8.7 million businesses listed on Tripadvisor, these awards are a true testament to the outstanding service and quality that winners consistently provide to their guests.

So clearly, our friends are getting it right.

But really, it’s not even about the food. In Bali, farmers’ rice paddies are drying up. The watersources and the climate are changing.

So what was already a very low income crop is no longer an option for many. But lots of people have banana trees in their yards, and can grow them on that same land that once held rice. The few species of bananas grown for consumers

to eat RIPE are famous for their struggle against diseases. But bananas grown for GREEN banana flour don’t face the same issues. So farmers have a more reliable, higher, and more sustainable income, without the risk and the chemicals.

And when grown via the standards set by the Banana Flour Knowledge Center, these banana trees can also help remediate farmland. With increased demand, our friends grew that backyard processing into an efficiently designed microfactory that doesn’t disrupt the community around it, that uses solar, composts all waste, and employs local people at a liveable wage.

The 2020 pandemic forced a scramble to produce mixes people could make at home, and subsequently a rapid expansion of flour production.

Madé’s has scaled in the most sustainable way possible: with a small footprint, sourcing bananas from local growers, and employing local villagers in the bakery and microfactory, using solar and composting the waste to go back into the soil, ultimately bringing income back to the incredible people of Bali so they can weather this economic storm.

All of this puts power and wealth back in the hands of the people, funneling money back down the chain, while providing a nutritious food source without common allergens like gluten for a world in desperate need of healthier options.

Hopefully everyone around the world can visit Madé’s Banana Flour Bakery one day, and hug Madé, but in the meantime, the tried and true product premixes are shipping global, conveniently landing on your doorstep.

First stop, the pancake (and waffle) mix in the UK!

Peel the positivity!