Frequently Asked Questions:


Does banana flour taste like bananas?

It doesn’t taste like bananas!

The most common question about banana flour is “does it taste like bananas?” Fair question. 

Madé’s Banana Flour Co uses green bananas to make flour. Green bananas don’t yet have the banana flavor. 

It actually has a very neutral smell and flavor, even more neutral than typical grain flours.

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Are green bananas a superfood? What are the benefits of green banana flour?

One of the best things about green banana flour is that it is naturally gluten-free.

While only about 1% of the population is celiac, the statistics for gluten sensitivity are much higher and climbing.

Banana flour is made from green, unripe bananas, which have qualities that can help with “diseases of affluence” or Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

NCDs have become the leading cause of premature death in the world.

Think of diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular disease.

Green bananas contain what’s called resistant starch, a type of fiber that your body has trouble absorbing.

Studies show resistant starch fills you up and may even help you burn fat.

Resistant starch also supports healthy gut bacteria, and there are a wealth of studies being done now on the benefits of type 2 resistant starch in particular, which is found in green banana flour.

Unripe bananas score 30 out of 100 on the glycemic index, which means it won’t spike blood sugar levels.

This is because green bananas are used to make banana flour and it isn’t until bananas ripen that they produce a higher amount of natural sugar.

Also, because it is harvested unripe, the crop doesn’t require traditional chemicals to protect it from all the life attracted to those sugars, and farmers don’t face the same issues with banana diseases as the banana crops ripening for the produce isles.

Low-GI foods may help you lose weight because they help control appetite and delay hunger, according to the University of Sydney.

The fruit contains high levels of potassium and magnesium. Bananas also have a chemical property that may help control stomach pain and reduce your risk of diarrhea or constipation.

That’s not all. One banana offers about 25% of your daily need for vitamin B6.

B6 is important for about 100 different metabolic enzyme reactions, according to the National Institutes for Health, and is involved in brain development during pregnancy and infancy.


Are your pancakes really gluten-free?

YES! They are FREE of dairy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, soy, and tree nuts.

Knock yourself out! 😉


When will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered within 4 business days after placing your order.


Do you deliver outside the UK?

For now, we are just shipping in the UK, we will update you every time we expand to a new country. Follow us on IG or sign up to our newsletter to get our latest updates!